O Brother! My Brother!

October 18, 2007
O Brother! My Brother! Our sibling wars live on,
From the start we've aged a bit, but more years hold pros and cons.
Pulling hair, for example, was not a crime back then,
For your strenth was weak, your tug was small, I had no wounds to tend.

But O mom! Mom! Mom!

O the stronger yank age brought,

Where my scalp now throbs with stinging pain,

As these siblings fought and fought.

O Brother! My Brother! Our screams once non-existent;
But wait -- one more candle every year -- our training stood persistent.
For you my vocal chords increased -- for you my song did play,
For you I speak symphonic tones, disrupting every quiet day;

Here Mother! Dear Father!

Sound systems you never bought!

Love-filled shrieks bounce off the walls,

As we siblings fought and fought.

My brother has to answer, his intent is to annoy,
My father does not help me out, 'cause he was once a boy.
Two can play this game, however, I'd cry to mom and run,
For a tear-streaked, sweet, little girl -- can always get it done;

Wrong was my plan, so very wrong!

My brother and I have been caught,

Grounded, we sit; spanked and scolded,

Because we siblings fought and fought.

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