Let it Grow

May 26, 2010
Music is the seed to the Promise Land
Plant it and the seed will transform
Starting as a few small cords by a band
But inspirational waters flow and phrases form

Not long after a line grows to lines
Tunes grow catchy, toes will tap
The small sprout has turned to vines
It has a beat, that clangs and booms and zaps

Waters still flow heavy, and buds grow
They slowly open like gifts on Christmas day
The center of each bud, the music’s spirit, does glow
The song is finished with a cheer and hooray

Headphones plug in: there is shock and static
No one moves as the music envelops
It swirls and bangs loudly in their attics
Delicious delightful smiles develop

With a swish and a yell they all start to dance
In result the vines twirl and caress them
Loving the warm embrace they enter a trance
It ascends the body into the brain stem

The song is over with a sigh and a grin
It ends from a boom to a soft dull murmur
Goosebumps from the memory still linger on their skin
They are joyous and cheer with great fervor

Music is a giggly, graceful gift
It has always invited us into its path
And always give us a soulful lift
Just let it grow and it will never show us wrath

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