Safe Place

May 27, 2010
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You seem so
Kept together.
When you're really
As fragile as a feather.

So many things
been shoved inside
All this time, tears
Needing to be cried.
In the darkness,
Plenty room to hide.

All this time,
Screaming so loud,
Yet no one can
Hear you over the crowd.

Just wanting
To be found,
If you will
Hear my sound.

Hurting me
Like you did,
Is not very
Easily hid.
At heart, I'm
Still a little kid.

I wanna go
Outside and play
Not have to
hear you say,

"You're all grown
Up now."
When really, I
Don't know how.

I wanna be who
I really am.
Not some
Fake sham.

I'm anything
But strong.
Trust me, I'm
Not King Kong.

I don't wanna
do this anymore.
When's it my turn
To settle the score?

You look in the mirror,
Scream in rage and terror.

Mad at what you've done.
Scared of what's to come.

You begin to think back,
To when everything was intact.

Wish it was easy like it was then.
Begining to wonder just when

People began using your pain
As their personal gain.

To this very day,
You're still scared to say

What's on your mind,
Your scared what they'll find.

What people
might do
When they find
what's really true.

So again you put
Up that huge wall,
So steep
And very tall.

Please, just
try to realize,
If you look
Someone's eyes

That some actaully care,
They want you to share

To get rid of
All this junk.
To get out of
This freaky funk.

So get rid of what's
Shoved so deep inside
The tears wanting
to be cried.
In the darkness, no
longer needing to hide.

So go ahead,
Let it all out,
Let the tears
come about.

This is a safe,
Peaceful place.
Where you don't have
To worry about disgrace.

This is a place of
neverending comfort,
Where there is no
pain or hurt.

A place where
you can stay,
Where it is ALWAYS
safe to come play.


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Inkspired said...
Jun. 27, 2010 at 11:25 am
this is so good! I love the way you rhymed it, sometimes rhymes inhibit the poem but you wrote it so they sounded natural. The message, the meaning in this is spectacular! Love it! 
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