A Road of Heartache

May 28, 2008
I'm walking down a lonesome road
Thinking of all the good times shared
I'm walking down this road of solitude
Wishing that you still cared
Just sitting still while life keeps moving
You've wrought this anguish that has left me impaired.

Day-by-day, without you I am forced to walk
A road which seems to have no end
Oh how long must this journey go on?
Only on myself I can depend
On and on through this strife
Forever more my heart I must defend.

Step-by-step, I must travel onward
For dwelling in the past opens the wound anew
Step-by-step, this road takes me forward
And each day I'm closer to getting over you
Step-by-step, I trod a lonely path
I'm praying for strength so I may pull through.

I'm walking down an unending road
With each step I take the better I shall feel
The road has to company to provide
With each breath I take the more I shall heal
I'm nearing the end of this road of heartache
And dodging the woes that life shall deal.

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