Summer Awaiting

May 28, 2008
By Kassandra Kendell, Arlington, VA

All I want to do is see the end of this school year.
For the fun to begin.

For the pools to open their arms to me
and books opening their pages before me.

For ice cream on sunny days,
and vacations on the beach.

For delicious fruits, like peaches and strawberries,
to be in full season,
Fresh and Juicy with every bite.

For great movies to await me at the movie theater
and resteraunts beconing my taste buds.

For birthday parties and
parties just to celebrate life.
For summer camps that take you away,
inhance your talents,
or just give you something to do.

But now I must wait.
I must wait for time to pass.

For tests to end.

For homework to end.

For the long hours of sitting inside on bright sunny days to end.
For sweaty, crowded bus rides home to end.

The countdown begins now.

Get ready.



Summer has begun.

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