We the Leaves

May 28, 2008
By Sarah Rockford, Denver, CO

We are like the leaves
Born as small, delicate buds
Spring progresses and we unfurl our
Translucent tendrils
The sun warms our new green flesh

Summer takes hold and we mature
Thriving in the summer of our years
Basking in the warm sun, taking it all in
But the end is in sight

The days grow shorter
Our lusty leaves lose their shine
And a yellow hue creeps into our complexions
The sun is setting sooner now, and rising later
Strong gusts of wind rip our brothers from the branch
We will soon follow

Winter comes and we are frozen, half rotted under the snow
But the seasons change and we watch from the ground
As new buds take our place
We are gone but the world spins on

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