I Thought You Were the One

May 28, 2008
I thought you were the one
Out of everything we have been through.
But no, our friendship, our relationship
Is slowly fading away.

I feared I would lose you,
Now I fear I won’t lose you.
What you did was unforgettable;
I will feel safe by you again.
And every time I see you,
I won’t feel the same way about you either.
I’m sorry but some words and actions
Just aren’t forgettable.

I have to leave you,
And don’t try coming back.
That would just be a waste of you time.

And just so you know,
I did love you,
But now,
That love has turned to hate.

One last thing,
Your dirty little secret is safe with me,
But I will never forget, and neither will you!
It will be there forever,
Haunting you like a ghost.
I’m sorry, but

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