May 28, 2008
By Ariana Warr, Shaker Heights, OH

I am real, I am a woman
Objectification, what is objectification?
Creating an object out of something or someone?
Many Advertisements use women to sell their products and by doing so destroy the essence of femininity reducing women to nothing but objects of men’s satisfaction
From the women I know we could never be objects
The sound of our voice and the power in our hearts are anything but objects
Mind, body, heart and soul we as women are as real as it comes
We hurt, we laugh, we cry, we yell and anyone that comes to silence us will do nothing but feel the wrath of a real woman
What is a real woman you ask
A real woman is a woman with knowledge in her mind and love in her heart
A real woman is a woman who knows where she came from but doesn’t let it hold her back from where she’s going
A real woman is the foundation of any household
The strength behind a man, no scratch that a real woman is a woman who is strength in itself
Objectification? Objectification happens when real woman give up their role and allow it to happen
When women allow men to believe they can demean them because men are “supposed” to be tougher, stronger, more stable
We as women are tough, strong, and more stable than anyone can imagine, how I know this is because we as woman protect those in our families and adopted families
We take situations and turn them around
We create
We live
We love
We cry because people are supposed to cry
We fight because it is in our nature to stand for what’s right
Women are real women not objects and if anyone disagrees they haven’t met a real woman

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