Tolerance No More

May 28, 2008
By Hallie King, Oconomowoc, WI

We are all the same, yet so different
We are segregated into groups.
We all have 23 chromosomes from our mother and father each.
We can be different races
African, Irish, Latino, Indian,
but there are so many more than just that.
But each one of us are in different groups.
Jocks, preps, geeks, cool people, outcasts, and nerds.
The decision is in your hands now.

We may not know who is outside our world, but we should.
Living day-by-day not knowing everyone in your class.
Old friendships will grow, but new ones can start the same way.
Now the decision is in your hands.

I was once all white.
Outside my home, I am all white,
But in my home I am 1/3 white, 1/3 German, and 1/3 Irish.
My family is all different but they came together.
In my heart the bridge needs to close.
It only takes one to make happen.

If you are not like them, they will hunt you down.
So find your friends, but remember how you felt when you were rejected.
So invite them in they are just like you
23 chromosomes from both their mother and father.
People make the boundaries. Are you going to shatter them today?

Are you bigger than that?
Can you graduate to a better world and help others to get there?
Use the bridges people have started, but have not finished, and finish them for others.
The decision is in your hands now
so are you going to do something?

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