My Favorite Song

May 28, 2008
By Loni Gouge, Mt.Holly, NC

[Inspired By Alesana]
Electric sighs ring out,
driving everything into a frinzy of noise and sound,
conveying feelings we're all too afriad to feel,
as his blood trickles down upturned lips.
He lives only to sing for you,
screaming his guts to the open crowd,
tearing his imperfections apart,
yet he's too weak for you.
We've seen this time and again,
falling down like burning ashes,
or pixels off your tv screen,
the darkness mixes in.
Tell me what you really mean,
when you say you wanna die,
reaching out for the truth,
but only emptiness comforts you.
You're like the prettiest mannequin I've ever seen,
drenched in the sorrows you took from others,
you're pretty much a savoir,
a lot like my favorite song.
So keep this playing on and on,
you seriously are my favorite song.

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