Lonely Boy

May 28, 2008
By Loni Gouge, Mt.Holly, NC

His hair blows softly in his face by the wind.
There's a scar underneath his left eye that won't seem to mend.
He wears his heart on his sleeves and an old pair of dirty jeans.
Standing alone, on his own feet, inside vans tearing at the seams.
Tightening his grip on the stems of freshly picked flowers.
It felt like weeks since he last saw her, yet only a few hours.
As he reaches up nervously to rub his chapped lips.
Raindrops begin to fall, bouncing of his thin hips.
He trembles and shivers inside.
Running under an oak tree to hide.
After five minutes he checks his watch one more time.
Curling up into a ball as if he could change back the time.
She doesn't love him anymore and he knows she'll never be there.
The rain will not begin to cease as his heart starts to tear.
His life is broken in pieces and no one seems to care.

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