Entwined, together twisted

May 25, 2010
Could it be, I’ve found perfection
Found a heart that holds no flaw
Loneliness’ cure is in your veins
And I’m blessed with it all

When your arms wrap tight around me
Freezing time itself in place
Deeming me worthy of happiness
And all my pains erased

Swimming deep into fluorescent eyes
I’m enveloped in you
And this fact, it does not bother me
For you’ve got me subdued

Every word you speak seems endless
Like an echo through my mind
And I’ve come to believe you are
The embodiment of kind

To me you are like a puzzle
To which the answer is lost
But I do not mind the mystery
With which my mind is crossed

For my past you have accepted
And my present you control
For with you standing beside me
I feel I’m finally whole.

I can delve into emotions
And find none that speak the truth
No word I can set my sight upon
Is grand enough for you

For your smile strikes a spark in me
I never knew existed
And I feel our minds could be as one
Entwined, together twisted

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