Kokyuu suru choo

May 28, 2008
By Loni Gouge, Mt.Holly, NC

Letting every truth and secret lye
I'm pouring out all of my insides
This is my soul written on a tree
These transparent thoughts and imagery
I'm a doll covered with strange sparkle
Cleverly hidden beneath marble
A confused fairy with backward wings
Stupid tale that doesn't mean a thing
My reality's mixed up with a dream
The butterfly with a tearing seam
Holding onto the pain from the past
I'm the sunny days that never last
If my heart could be blown up on screen
It'd be a girl at a sidewalk scene
Smearing chalk flowers into the ground
And a warm breeze floating all around
His angelic smile just out of reach
Crawling knees in shadows like leeches
One more second the curtains close tight
My thoughts slipping away with the night
I'm but a mere pixel lost in space
Simple fragments of human embedded in lace.

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