May 27, 2008
By Danielle Hajj, Spring Valley, CA

Seeking the euphoria, so sweet.
Reeking a burnt and smoked aura,
Ascending from the deep.
Metamorphosis, revolting to the human eye.
Flakes peeling back, revealing Luther in the flesh.
Once a saved soul, now left to the damned.
Admire yourself sinner; is it still so sweet?
Resolution or redemption,
No- revenge.
Watch his exterior sprint from his frame.
Watch the soil creep up to replace.
Manifesting a damaged man, a black man.
Eyes so sullen with charcoaled pupils
That diminish any color.
The covert motif; a tale told behind the black holes.
Those thin crisp lips, and when it smiles
The upchuck reflex is ignited.
Uncontrollable are the hideous urges; but, you know better
Than to play with the devil.
Cleanse your memories, for, the path he chose
Produces a one way trail.
Cease to mistake his full awareness,
For the bartering of the ghost
Proceeded the dirty deed.
Do not be fooled however, his frolicking with the dark
Was unforced
And utterably welcomed.
A euphoria worth a thousand deaths;
I think not.

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