The Night

May 27, 2008
By Audrey Allbritton, Fredericksburg, TX

The Night

She remembers the night,

The one she wants to forget.

Memories of the horror pierce

Like deadly arrows through her defenseless mind.

Remembering the time...

She tries to run away.

She is captured within her own mind.

She can't let go.

The minutes pass in true despair.

Flashing images that should be forgotten

Behind her eyes the night struggles on

Mesmerized and terrified

The ending looms close enough to taste the vile truth

It comes

Wrenching pain shoots through her senses


She can't break free

Of her living nightmare

Shadows of the past claw at her throat

Imprisoned by her own mind...

The night moves on

The scars of the memories now bleeding

Open wounds

Never to be healed...

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