American Beauty

May 27, 2008
By Beata Luczywek, Palatine, IL

The trees, the powerful,
vibrant trees
Conifer trees that are indigenous
to the landscape
Textured, verdurous,
pointed, and prickly.
The spruce copse rustles
in the gentle, morning wind

The mountains, small
in the distance;
But, up close, like huge
monsters with jagged and
snow-covered peaks
The cordillera provides
an enchanting background
Cool colors and overlapping shapes
Gives the feeling of coldness
and great distance

The water, providing a reflection,
magnifying the beauty
of the land
Tender, peaceful, lonely, wistful and solemn
Harmoniously binding the
trees and mountains

The sky, completing the scene,
Teal, almost cloudless, pastoral,
velvety, and creamy
Calm as the lake
In my opinion,
The best thing about coming to see
The American Beauty

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