May 25, 2010
Your silence drives me crazy
Why won’t you talk to me
Your stupid lips are lazy
As far as I can see

I want to see you move your lips
And hear your voice come clear
I’ll help and give you speaking tips
Or I can kick you in the rear

Yes I’m like a woman
I love chocolate and all
I cry that I weigh a ton
And that you’re really tall

No I won’t shut up yet
I want to hear you speak
I did shut up the day we met
But know my mouth had a leak

Please babe just talk to me
The movie isn’t important
The movie I don’t want to see
I think my brain might have a dent

I’ve already seen the movie
I can tell you what happens later
I know my mouth isn’t groovy
So I won’t ruin it for my mother

I’m sorry I’m impatient honey
For wanting to talk to you
But girls we are so funny
The things that we would do

Yes finally the movies has ended
Maybe we can go upstairs to talk
I’m not mad and my feelings aren’t bended
So maybe we can talk and walk

You finally look at me, my cheeks of red
There not red because I’m mad
You start to laugh then you said
Now babe was it that bad

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superswim_19 said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm
aww thats sweet!
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