May 27, 2008
By Jeb Caffee, Pinson, AL

Sitting in this one room shack
On a wayward beach
Listening to the rolling waves
And the seagulls preach.
Holding a daiquiri in one hand
And a memory in my heart
Drifting to another place and time
When all of this got its start.

Just a mommas boy
Raised in such a small town
Dreaming about the future
Praying not to be land bound
Listening to my parents
Harp about my future career
All along lost in my head
Where the beach was more clear.

Now I sit in my hammock
All the live long day
Soaking up the warm sun
While I slowly sway
Singing the songs in my head
To the tune of a different beat
All about the simple life
And the sand in my feet.

Just a lonely daydreamer
Raised on water and wine
Dreaming about the ocean
Praying the beach would be mine
Listening to the preacher
Harp about my different sins
All along lost in my head
Where I could see the dolphins fins.

But all these memories
Are now in my head
For I am living my dream
Until the day I am dead
Taking my long board
Out on the waves
Making the best of my days
Because I know I am saved.

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