Pointless to Life Blues

May 27, 2008
By Lisette Guel, Chicago, IL

Sunday morning awaken by my own bad mood.
So many things going through my mind,
making my head go “BOOM,”
feeling pointless to life.

That guy.
That horrible guy.
Making me feel left out, stressed out, everything ending with “out,”
feeling pointless to life

Why did he do this to me?
He must have no feelings, no heart, or emotions.
Should I go visit him-
or should I not?
Lets go dancing-
or should we not?
I think to myself,
my anti-drug.
What makes me forget about him all times.
This time it doesn't work out.
My eyes are crying and so is my heart,
feeling pointless to life.

What else should I have gave him?
I wasn’t worth much to him at all.
I cant believe It!
I always ask why and what?
All he did was make me feel-
pointless to life.

Someday he will come,
leaving me happy towards our lives.

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