Say No

May 27, 2008
-Don’t take drugs, they mess with your life
-If you take them, it’s like a stab from a knife.
-So say no to the dope, crack, weed, tobacco, pot
-Because if you get goin’ you may never stop.
-Dope is a joke; it gives you no hope,
-But it takes you down death’s slope.
-Crack is jack, so when it’s offered to you
-Just turn, and let it face your back.
-Weed, killing weed
-Doesn’t give you what you need.
-If you’re takin’ it, you need help, yes indeed.
-Tobacco comes in cigarettes and nasty, gooey gum.
-Trying to chew, smoke, or sell it, is just plain dumb.
-So don’t let drugs take your life.
-It has left many families in grief for many nights.
-So just say no, those two little letters,
-It will make life so much better.
-Will drugs give you things you’ll never forget?
-Like health problems, cancer, death? You bet.
-So don’t mess up who you want to be
-Or you’ll never see things that you want to see.
-Taking no drugs leaves out its strife
-And lets you live a happy life!

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 10:51 am
WOW THIS REALLY INSPIRED ME!!My friend has choosen drugs over me but not anymore she has changed and now won of her close friends is choosing drugs over her too!!
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