I call her mother

May 27, 2008
By Theresa Workheiser, Galesburg, IL

She is the miracle worker whom heals the pain.
She is the hero that faught off the monsters beneath my bed.
She is the shield for broken hearts.
She is the heaven sent angel, that guids me so unselfishly
But I call her Mother.

She is my roots that keep me grounded.
She is my strength that picks me up when I fall down.
She is my mercy when I am wrong.
She is my devotion, when I give up.
But I call her Mother.

She is adherent, when the rest of the world turns their backs.
She is zealous, when others are so cold.
She is there, when isolation takes over.
She is strong, when I feel broken.
But I call her Mother.

She is my patience, when no one else has the time.
She is my stability, when my world is upside down.
She is a part of my heart and soul.
She is everything to me.
And I am lucky, Because I call her Mother.

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