Because I'm Confused

May 27, 2008
As I’m sitting here thinking about the blues
I can’t think of anything else but to think of you
You’re in my mind everyday
As I sit right here counting the days
It’s so sad we can’t be together
But I’m struggling to think who I should stay with forever
I’m daydreaming the days we started to talk to each other
And how I be complaining about you towards my friends
I never image us speaking to each other or walking each other to class
I compare each of you to one another
All of you have something special
That I want to hold and treasure
I can’t see myself with none of you
But I want to keep knowing you
As much that you want to keep knowing me
Hopefully as this occurs
Something inside of us or at least for me grows to change
How I feel about you
I want to see where this path takes me
And if it was the right choice
As I think more and more about it
I just can’t see myself beside your side
I wish I can change myself
And the way I think and see you
But that’s how I am and that’s how I’m going to stay
I just hope along the way
You won’t mention us being a couple
I will stay quiet but eventually
Turn you down

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