Multiple Personalities

May 27, 2008
a lime at the tip of her lips
creating sour to rule out the tears that sit on the edges of her eyes
a bitter twist of her face
covering up the painful scream that itches at her throat

running rage built up inside
she refuses to let this demon go
this one is hers to fight, beat, kill
her fingers twist with loathing disgust
her arms twitch with the thirst of revenge
the roaring lion of anger refuses to settle

broken child bruised and tattered
she wants to escape from this horrid master
he beats her and shames her until the pain literally screams
her muscles are aching, whining of beatings
her heart is slowing, crying of the pains of life

free spirit wild and blissful
she dances, happy, talking of love
love is her focus, with nothing but smiles
her mind is contented with only relaxed thoughts
her eyes are only glittered with no hurt or sorrow

she is but one person
dazed with hazy confusion

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