Each New Dawn

May 27, 2008
By Emily Kidd, Winfield, TN

She watched the rain fall in soft smooth drops,as she thought back to the day they had gotton together. She thought of the two good weeks they had. He would be gone, and her heart would be broken. He said he couldn't bear to see her hurt anymore, so he told her not to call. Could he not see her broken heart bleeding on the wall? He left her standing in the darkness of the night, with nothing but the stars to give off any light. And he said nothing but gave her one last kiss. She watched him walk away from her, her heart lay broken on the ground. She could swear he heard her heart beat, it went faster and faster as it tried to hold on. Let go. Her head and heart
echoed the words in unison. Let go. She stood there watching him until she could no longer see his brake lights, and she scraped her heart off the sidewalk. She put on her running shoes. Let Go. She ran for miles pushing away all thoughts, until she could run no farther. There she broke down and cried. The tide washed her tears out into the open sea. It was then she felt it, a small feeling of relief. She knew her heart would heal and she was finally ready to let go. She sat and watched the sunrise, beause she knew
there was hope in each new dawn.

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