Lousy Days Blues

May 27, 2008
By Cecilia Alvarenga, Chicago, IL

The days go lousy,
I fell in front of everyone.
Woke up late got a detention, great.

The days go lousy,
I lost my keys.
Had to jump the fence and
ripped my new jeans, great.

The days go lousy,
lost track of time fell asleep late.
That’s just great.

The days go lousy,
got clawed by my cat, great
scared for life.

The days go lousy,
failed a quiz,
got yelled at by my parents,
and lost my left shoe.

The days go lousy,
was left behind had to take the bus
but had no cash ,great.
Walked home in the rain.

The days go lousy,
but the my days can’t stay
lousy forever so
I keep hope for something better
but until then these are my lousy days.

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