Flammable Strings

May 27, 2008
By Rikki Risatti, Schuylerville, NY

You sneeze honey drenched butterflies
That lay ostrich shells, bearing home to
Sugar coated micro maggots
Infesting little saucer bowls
Existing only in short intervals

I’m not so care free, asteroids of burden orbit my aura
A galaxy of thorns circling about in the universe
Fate diminishes my plans
All of the unexpected occurrences at least have the courtesy
To happen to exist
Breaking the monopolized monotony of ideas only flourishing in imaginary hopes
A barren rock garden land of vulgar curtsies
Cynics and sand

I don’t know how you assume me
It’s paranoia extorting into further worry
Am I like a rickety roller coaster, unbolting
Heading down fast on steep steps
Despite of such excessive baggage straddling in train
Is it an annoyance that you’ve met the only vampire in existence?
And made your body a home...
A rare comfort in any individual’s life
I’m not so different if you consider to remember
We sometimes share the simplest ineptness

Don’t hesitate
Cause you’re not obligated to think
Excuse your feelings from the table
It skips anyone's responsibility
I hypothesize with a serious face, I’m as safe on any street

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