The bee

May 24, 2010
By , Crystal Lake, IL
He soars to the ceiling a smile on his face,
As the kids try to stop him from getting away.
They struggle to swat him but he just laughs.
“For no one can get me I’m the quickest of the class.”
The kids all shout “Oh Mrs. Horne what should we do?”
She says “Hold on class I have a clue!”
She points to the window and shuts the door.
We all know her plan so we scream a loud roar.
“No Mrs. Horne that won’t do!”
“You’ll never catch the bee; he’s far too quick for you!”
As the class ponders the bee still wanders.
Until he reaches Dom he dives head on.
Dom will holler and duck.
“Splat!” the bee runs out of luck.

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