May 27, 2008
The putrid smell of rot and decay,
the sound of the whaling insane,
and taste of bile regurgitated.
I feel it gnaw at my heart and thought;
the feeling of a rabid ferret inside me,
the look of anguish on my face.

The color of an enraged bull in a china shop,
thrashing within, makes me feel drowsy and indecisive
overwhelmed by smells of blood and disappointment,
the unwelcome taste of inferiority,
I see it all being thrown together,
resembling a whirling torrent of chaos.

Jealousy has the form of a mounted demon astride a vicious beast,
the sound of the ground opening up
to swallow all the good with its evil maw,
the stench of brimstone,
the taste of sulfur,
the feeling of hopelessness.

Jealousy is all that is evil, yet without it where would be the fun in life?

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