Mint Energy

May 27, 2008
By Micheal Wallace, Sandpoint, ID

By the
Your face
Dances with
The waves
Through the mesh
Of shadows

There was that night
When your energy
Turned everything to me
And every next
The grass bends
Luminous clouds break a light and contend
With your energy
In me

It feels so strong so right
The heated sinew of this new muscle
Taught by day and tauter by night
A metal, a diamond
An inflexible bar
No one
No two can force me curve
And my thoughts are full
Of the ideas
Of why I choose to not

Within the water
I dip
The water
That dances
A mesh of shadows
Upon the face
That creates an energy
To wield a wave

Do we trust the natures?
Of artlessness
Of ease
Of the energy that gives energy
To you,
To me

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