Lead Astray

May 24, 2010
By khaliq BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
khaliq BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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Fallen Astray

Looking up from a crismon sea,
A world with values so low,
In its own blood-stained catastrophe,
Like a field of dirt-ridden snow,
After six thousand thirty-four verses how so?

Remember days heretofore,
When man held his values so high,
Now mankind's thoughts are shut behind a door,
There's nothing left to do but look and give a sigh,
We've fallen so far astray, how so?

We walk with pride in out hearts,
Blinded as our ego wraps us in our own ruination,
All of us unaware of how time so quickly departs,
What is to be of our summation,
How has mankid changed so?

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