Revealed In Ink

May 27, 2008
By Bridget Sidles, Centerville, IA

Shading all fine lines
Until everything’s a blur…
Thus, I don’t see our troubles
And my heart feels secure.

Blending black and white
Nothing can shine through...
Covering the words
That I had written you.

But here is where I’m breaking
And starting to erase…
You have to read these words
For they are hidden from my face.

I’m crying with each pull
As pencil reveals ink,
And blackened words express
My heart about to sink.

With my trembling hands
I fold my heart in two…
Imprinted with the things
I can’t sound out to you.

I need some time alone
To understand my heart…
Find out what I want
And if this love should really start.

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