Lost Child

May 27, 2008
Little Nose Bare feet Toes,
“Mommy I Miss Daddy”
From stinky boys to playground toys
Running Laughing Jumping Screaming.
“Mommy I Miss Daddy.”
Following sister step by step
Baking cookies ends with a mess.
Flipping Flopping, Springboards Bouncing;
Nsync blaring, People staring
Why did things have to change?

Moving here felt so weird,
Needed friends, Found a sister
“Mommy I Hate Daddy”
From buying cars to Needing sleep,
Changing oil ends with leaks,
From working late to early morning,
Blue lights flashing, No ones laughing;
Secret feelings, still unknown
Mommy Loved. Daddy Works
“Daddy I Miss Mommy.”

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