I am from

May 27, 2008
I am from living and loving
To dieing and hating
From ham at Christmas time
To Deviled eggs on thanksgiving
I am From Christmas nights and egg fights
From big screens and beer cans
To fist fights to “good nights”
I am from Teddy bears and feathered pillows
To Ants and old dirt roads
I am from old school romance
To new school loving
From trying not to cry and never give up
To work hard you can do it
“Girl stop slacking”
I am from “I love you”
To “never come back”
From home to home
From State to state
Never used to anything
To worlds always changing
From Living room rearranging
To mom and dad debating
I am from “do this
don't forget that”.
From Long walks
to boy talks
I am from boyfriends and best friends
who promise 'till the end
I am from a big family
who expects so much

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