I am from

May 27, 2008
By Madison Preston, Suwanee, GA

I am from small rural towns
From Family dinners and memories
from more
From children playing in the hot
beaming sun
From vacations and good times by the seashore

I am from people who care and are adventurous and daring
Cool winds blowing on your face and the lake at your feet
From ambition and determination,
Hope and reaching out to heal deprivation
From Sunday church sermons
And Wednesday youth groups

I am from emails and letters and staying in touch
From fun family Saturdays
and making life worth living
From loud and crazy,
yet calm and understanding
From the people who I admire most
and the friends I couldn’t live without

I am from people who worked hard so I could be here in comfort
From guitar players, and nurses, and store owners, and more
From people who have fought overseas for our independence
From whom I am and what I will become
I am from……
I am from…….

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