The Golden Light

May 21, 2010
By Sweet_Inspiration GOLD, Corry, Pennsylvania
Sweet_Inspiration GOLD, Corry, Pennsylvania
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"Live life for a better tomorrow." -Author Unknown

When will the darkness fade away?

When will the song in my heart

Get released

All these questions I ask

Never get answered

But I hope and prey every day

Today I have awaken

Tomorrow I’ll be able to live

But for today

I can just dream

Darkness can not haunt me

But it succeeds to show,

Every where I look,

I’ll ignore the silence

I will see the light

but watch out because I can fight

The storms have blown away

Now I can no longer see the shade

The golden light is shinning threw

And as I walked into

the shimmering shines

a sight had shown

and my spirit travels on

as I’m stuck in a heavenly song

The author's comments:
This poem was that i wrote was inspired the words I jotted just tell about the darkness feeling inside of me.

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