Tale of the 7 Sins

May 20, 2010
By NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
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Once upon an old beginning,
Before the life we know began,
There was never such a thing as sinning
And the world was ruled by a single hand.
His kingdom was great and his give was right,
And he accomplished much in his life.
He ruled with naught but goodness and light,
Until the king longed for a wife.

Like a hawk in the sky he searched for his bride
Until he found her in a glorious whirl.
It didn’t take long ‘till the day that she died
But not before having a baby girl.
In a pit of despair, he married again
And again when it happened once more.
It seemed like the cycle would never end
And in two years time he was up to four.
With each new bride came a darling daughter
Before they left for the gates of heaven
The king took the role of a doting father
And by the last year he had his daughters seven.
Each young girl was pretty indeed,
But they had their mysterious ways.
The first three filled with anger, envy, and greed
While clever enough to have their father swayed.
The next in line was filled with pride,
Her temper was the worst
She believed one day she’d rule world wide.
That was, if her sister of gluttony didn’t eat it first.
The youngest of sloth was the most at leisure,
Therefore she’d cause the least harm
But her sister one up was a sadistic creature,
Wielding her cache of lust and charm.
Their father the king was blind to their ways
For they made him a happy man,
And so he bequeathed at the end of his days
That the sisters seven divide the land.
When he at last passed to the next,
Over his decision the girls all quarreled.
The situation had them truly vexed
Until at last, it was settled.
Each would get a section of the realm,
A seventh to be exact,
And although they ruled with the cruelness hell
Their power stayed intact.
No living soul dared take them on,
Those powerful sisters of transgression,
Who practiced their sins from dusk till dawn,
Pending the point of obsession.
When at last that instance arose
The girls were caught unaware,
For living in the sins they so willingly chose
Turned into their worst nightmare.
Each lost control of their fragile minds
As they tried to escape their inevitable fate.
Slowly but surely, all justifiably died
With their father waiting patiently at heaven’s gate.
Their souls rose from the clouds to see his face,
And when the king was in sight they sighed their reprieve
Until angels rushed out with their weapons of grace
And forced them all to turn and leave.
With great defiance they tried to resist
But couldn’t match the angelic potency
And when others came to their assailant’s assist,
They fled back down to humanity.
Branded as demons they hid in the gloom
Planting their sinful seeds in weary travelers
And starting off countless others in their doom,
As souls without their cadavers.
Time went on as they continued to endure,
Caring for no one besides
Through your body they spread their corruption with no cure,
Destroying that place in you where the Lord resides.
Soon it is too late and all hope has vanished,
Not even repenting can help you now.
Look out my dears for the sisters are famished,
And are always on the prowl.
They will not give up their tasty imbibe,
For which they have been greatly taxed.
Roaming ‘till the Day of Judgment arrives,
They could make you their next.

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