What Life?

May 20, 2010
By Gigs125 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
Gigs125 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
I find Love more useful than hate...

Life, the thing we want most.
Do we ever find this commodity?
God only knows what souls last, through, temptation Anger and hate
These are the beautiful few.

His life, a perfect soul given for a wretch.
Blood poured out, tears fall like rain, a son forsaken.
Tortured, beaten, whipped, bruised, pinned to a cross as a thief.
All for the life of you… and of me.

A life, a huge party, purity phft pathetic.
Was that what we were meant for?
Never ending raves, drugs, and sex of which our society is.
In the end we breathe in death.

No life, Death, end rotting for eternity.
Worms fill us and we do not care.
Our bile surrounds us, and we ignore it.
We wallow in self pity and never look for something more.

Pure life, those who are mocked, teased, spit on.
Yet, they hold no Grudge.
Aliens, exiles they are not of this world.
They are out of place misunderstood.
So their blood is spilled

The Life, called out of this place part of the kingdom of light.
The fruit of life held sweetly in our hands
The hurt, pain, sorrow lifted off your shoulders.
Leaving you burden less and free
Which life you chose is up to you... chose wisely

The author's comments:
I find that life to each person is not as it seems. We all look for our life and we seem content with what it is but, is it what we really want and need?

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