Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,
I've got something to confess.
I'm not the girl,
You think I am.

I'm not always little miss sunshine.
I'm not your everyday,
Average happy-go-lucky,
All-American girl.

I've changed.
I've hidden the true me,
For far too long.

I have faults.
I cry.
I'm a loner.
I prefer black to pink.

I accept your compliments,
But I don't beleive them,
Because the world,
Tells me otherwise.

I never liked ballet,
Or piano.
I just did it to be,
Who you wanted me to be.

I know,
I've let you down,
But I can't change,
Who I am.

Don't call me an angel,
Because that's something,
I'm far from,
And so is perfection.

So now you know,
I'm not who you thought,
I was.
I'm not who you were proud of.

So, Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope some day,
You can be proud,
Of the real me.
The girl who's not the daughter of your dreams

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Mickey said...
Dec. 23, 2010 at 12:45 pm
This is sooooo good! I can really relate to this piece, other than the line about not liking piano. Great job! :)
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