Where I'm From

May 26, 2008
I am from "Beware Of Dog" posted on a screeching gate
From the mystery of the oddly cracked cement
I am from swimming in our pool, imagining the ocean
From laying in the itchy grass and accepting the shade the tree offers me
I am from watching "The Rock vs. Goldberg" and the Lakers take on three

I am from "apaga las luces" and "habla en Espanol", I translate everything I know
I am from soccer games every Saturday
From " were always late" and " no digas estupido"
I am from clipping coupons and shopping late
From finding out my last name is Irish?

I am from fresh tortillas whose steam penetrates your face
From salsas so hot the devil swims in them
I am from ice cold lemonade that trickles down your anxious throat
From the bitter foam I sip of my Dad's beer
I am from romance and love in every song I heard
From music that invigorates the heart and soul

I am from starting a step behind, a level below
From being pulled over, reason underlined "color of you skin"
I am from staring into those ignorant racist eyes
From letting my ears inhale that blind bias lies
I am from bowing before his blood and flesh
From drawing a cross upon my chest

I am from my past that lives in my blood Where every detail counts
Every word and action has defined me

I am from these moments a drop of water in a stream
I follow the path that god has chose for me

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