May 26, 2008
By Charles Bliss, Weston, CT

It comes without sound.
Latent, insidious.
It plans for days, for months.
It carves its terrible home.

It treats everyone differently,
But is malignant to all.
The weakest -- killed instantly.
The strongest – merely incapacitated.

For those who it hates the most,
It plans the most.
Dragging along its revolution
Leeching away their stability.

When the foundation is ruptured
Its victim is taken with flashing lights.
Consume, corrode, contuse, canker.
Only the strongest survive.

The lights cease, the frail system emerges.
Its tendons cut, its veins bled.
A festering infrastructure
Begins its final fight.
Far outmatched, its confidence fails.
Its substance swarmed
By antipathy incarnate.
The end comes near.

A whistle registers,
Quickening beeps.
An easy, encroaching, eternal

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