Your ten months

May 26, 2008
Looking back and
looking back
at all the years until this night,
stars above and grass below
scattered clouds like dirty snow

looking, looking, looking back
that silent night ten months ago

time has browned your purest white
watching weeks, then months take flight

looking back and looking back
silhouette against the light
tortures every hidden plea
in all the years you’ve given me
willing my young heart to grow

where you are and
where you were
where to put this, i don’t know
what to tell you as you go
shrinking in the darkened glow

ticking tocking
eyes are locking
looking, looking
glancing back

maybe just an airplane ride
maybe in our town you’ll hide
flung about the young night sky like
stories from the history past

hemispheres stand in our way

carnage, war, and massacre
can’t save that night ten months ago


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