Look For Me

May 23, 2010
By JohannaSeitenbach SILVER, Ardsley, New York
JohannaSeitenbach SILVER, Ardsley, New York
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Look for me in the sky
The clouds will be my disguise
Through each sunset and sunrise
Just look closely and you'll find me
When you're angry, thunder will roar
When you cry, rain will downpour
And when you feel lonely it will snow
But after all the sadness disperses
There will be a colorful rainbow

Look for me in the ocean
Whether the tide be low or high
I will be right there sailing on by
So smile that bright, strong smile I love
Give me a kiss, give me a hug
Watch the waves brush up against the sand
For only you will understand

Look for me in your heart
As corny as that may sound
Because if all else fails that's the one place I can be found
So I hope you know that even if we are not together
My heart goes out to you now until forever
So just look real hard, look all around
And everywhere, anywhere I can be found

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