Ode to Death

May 23, 2010
By ihauntwizards SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
ihauntwizards SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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"We all have been the greatest, we all have been degraded." - The Maine, "We'll All Be..."

Like a thief in the night, you slither on in
The wrath of God or a willful sin
A dishonest scale, you balance and shatter
The human heart, you mangle and you tatter

The demander of reverence and fear
You bruise with clubs, gnash with teeth, and pierce with spears
In this world you are needed, but not wanted
Sometimes you are shushed, sometimes you are flaunted

You can be a concept easily toyed with
From Heaven or Hades, are you a curse or gift
We will leave this earth; that we can’t deny
When will you take us, when we will die?

The author's comments:
Well, We had to an ode for school.
And this is what I came up with.
Kinda morbid, I know, but it was on my mind at the time.

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