Darkened Tears

May 26, 2008
Gliding just above death,
Floating further past these flowers,
Dark and cold,
Separated you falter deeper inside me,
Rivers of my blood
Flows through your heart,
Suspended tears slip past my grip,
Diluting our love

A dark church on the corner hill
Of our minds
This common belief we share
Leaves trails of endless toils
That flood this love we try and mend

The sky grows dark
At sight of this endless battle
Between me, myself
And you
Knives rain from these dark clouds of seclusion

Killing our wingless hearts

Black figures walk through this white flame,
Staring into our eyes,
Telling us this is to far,
Their eye tear through my soul
Stealing any life worth touching
Demented rain drops cover your suspended body
Engulfing the darkness
Filling this field of turn emotions

This heaven we thought we knew
separated from the light
It has fallen
To His grip
Demonic angels find a home,
To this once beautiful disaster.

Human cries fill this earth with pain
Bridges of our hearts fall to these turmoils of life and death
Separating us all from ourselves
Dividing our minds from our souls,
We are lost
Lost to these fields of torn church yards
Flooded with vampirick tears.

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