May 9, 2010

I had a dream that was no dream at all.
The blinding sun was extinguished, and with it the stars.
I wandered, unknowing in eternal space.
Pathless, though the icy earth.
That floated, aimlessly through the moonless air.
Morning cam and went, but brought no day.
And we forgot our passions in the dread and despair.
Some were chided into a selfish prayer for light.
Others hid their heads and wept.
One or two hurried to and fro, and fled.
Flapping their useless wings, did they flutter upon the ground.
The veil of a past world, disappeared, hour by hour.
The funeral piles burned with fuel.
Releasing blue smoke upon the dull sky.
With curses cast upon the dust below.
Wrapping ourselves in gloom, No love was left.
And war, which for a moment the world was torn.
The planet was split and the plains were swallowed.
All Earth was but one thought – and that was death.
Immediate and inglorious, the end.
They told you that your great cities would burn.
Now dying embers of a once scared place.
In mockery the fires blew for little life.
And the sea froze over once more.
Suddenly, the rivers, lakes and oceans stood still.
And nothing stirred within the inky depths.
The story of death – A chaos of the End.
Finalization – Once more Doomsday.

The author's comments:
I was reading poerty the other day when I came across a interesting subject. Doomsday.

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