Roller Coaster

May 9, 2010
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A roller coaster
Is a replica of life, of reality.
One moment your climbing
The next you're caught falling.
In a sickening second
When all gravity is released.
And your stomach turns into your throat
Your flying, but something is holding you down
You realize it's to keep yoy from falling, from hurting
Other times.
You wish it would just stop the ruotinely cycle
And let you off.
You realize life isn't like that, there's no easy way out.
And sometimes, just sometimes
You want a safety belt to hold you back from falling.
It has it's ups and downs
It's twists and it's turns.
But in the end you always turn out fine
Now, not everyone enjoys the wild ride.
But then again, not everyone enjoys life so much either
I guess it just depends on how you think about it.
Or your situations.
Is definitly a roller coaster.

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