May 25, 2008
By Amelia Hall, Natchitoches, LA

To the Wonderful, Enigmatic Lord Byron
A man who was handsome and charming,
Though his behavior at times,
Many considered alarming.

A tortured and audacious youth,
He never conformed, and went his own way.
His actions were often uncouth,
The public always had something to say.

Byron’s half-sister gave him a test;
He fell in love with her, and went wild.
Rumors flew, and talk of incest,
When she bore Lord Byron a child.

Byron wrote about what he knew,
And many called him a fool.
To love, drugs, and alcohol he was true,
Byron and Shelley’s “Satanic School”

Considered by many unwell in the head,
Byron lived a crazy life by choice.
No matter what society said,
He followed and kept his own voice.

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