The Fight

May 25, 2008
I feel so alone
Now that you're gone,
I have absolutely no strength
No reason to move on.

I gave you my heart
You gave me your soul,
But, now you say
It's time to go.

It's time to move on
You head out the door,
As soon as the slam
I fall to the floor.

My eyes are swelled
This pain, I cannot bare,
You walked out of my life
Like you didn't even care.

I hope it's only a bad dream
One I cannot wake,
But if it's not
What was my mistake?

What did I do?
What was so wrong?
I gave you my heart
I helped you to be strong.

But now the reality of
Things sink in
We're not a couple anymore,
Just friends.

Cause now you're gone
You're out of my life,
It's time for me to stand strong
And put up the fight.

The fight to be okay
The fight to be strong,
The fight to throw the memories away
The fight to move on.

And even though
The pain is still there,
I'm going to love again
I'm going to care.

You know you're there
Still in my heart,
I loved you from the
end all to the start.

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