I love you

May 25, 2008
By Jasmine woods, Greenwood, MS

How come every time I try to run away from you. Trying to find something or someone new .I end up running back to you. When you left ,We set aside,our differences and we developed a friendship. Knowing that we both still feel the chemistry.but some how we are trying to stop the magic from happening again and again .that was already started before . I can't bare the pain. being without you, I can't bare the pain without seeing you .not able to hold you or for you to hold me .and I know ,some how you still feel the same about me too. you can't hang your head and say you don't.when you know you really do. after all the others I see, some how I run back to you .one day I was desperate for love and passion . now I don't know how to get out of it ,it appears as if I'm blinded a love trance. that when I try to find fresh meat, but guess what? I still have taste for you .It's hard to be your friend , knowing that our love will never end . it's hard to you smile ,but it only last a while ,to stare .trying to run away , but you appear everywhere .Or may be I'm just sprung . I don't know what it is that turns me on but its fantastic whe start to act all boyfriendly and girlfriendly ,we play it off and go back to being friends. you love me ,i love you . A four letter word may scare friend. but when you admire someone, it's just a four letter word that'a powerful .I feel if that we were living a lie .we still got the feeling . but scared to try it again .Not me! but can I tell you one thing " I love you!"

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