May 25, 2008
Warning: Do not speak a word.
There’s high risk that you may be heard.
And if you thrive in silent stealth, you’ll aptly benefit your health.

Warning: Don’t obey your soul.
Succumb to your fate-given role.
(Your mind will likely feel perplexed; this is a minor side effect).

Warning: Never fall in love.
You’ll ache in joints you’ve not heard of.
And if, by chance, you’re not loved back, you’ll suffer from a heart attack.

Warning: Do not interact.
You may allergically react.
To numb the solitude you feel, take an anesthetic with each meal.

Warning: Never look to learn.
Your head will cause you much concern.
You’ll see your brain will grow quite hairy. (Example not typical. Results may vary)

Warning! Do not live at all!
Ignore labels and your health will fall!

(If you disregard the aforesaid, you’d probably be better dead).

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